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Practice Exams

Practice like you’re taking the real exam

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    Let’s be honest, tests aren’t fun. They’re stressful, time consuming, and can weigh on your mind like a Type I, four-story building. We know it because we’ve been there.

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    Our goal is to help lighten the load by presenting an exam that looks, feels, and functions like the actual exam itself.

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    We comb through all objectives of every division of the ARE to make sure everything you need to know is covered in the practice exam. Then we designed and programmed it to feel like the real thing.

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    The moment you see the first question on test day, you’ll realize, “I got this.” Best of all, our Practice Exams are included in every tier of membership - Premium, Pro and Expert.

The ARE® Handbook is a great reference in prep for your exams. The only problem is, it can be kind of intimidating.

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    Rather than poring over it for hours to extract what you think might be the most important pieces of info, we did it for you.

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    Licensed architects and a psychometrician went through every word, of every page, of every objective in the ARE Handbook and identified all the must-knows based on their experience taking the exam.

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    Then they turned those nuggets of info into test questions. The result is a practice exam that’s as close to the real thing as you can get with 3 unique forms in each division to practice from.

Start Studying

Take their word for it.

It just provides a good framework for understanding the tough questions on the exams without actually having to know the specific information. You can tease out the answers as you would in real life just knowing where to look thanks to the Black Spectacles method.


Testimonial: Justin Schwartzhoff

First and only NCARB-approved

Black Spectacles offers the first and only NCARB approved online test prep program for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. Learn more about our ARE Test Prep Materials.


Go For A Spin

Everything should come with a test drive, your ARE test prep included. Get an inside look at your dashboard and test out our Video Lectures, Practice Exams, and Digital Flashcards. We want you to love what you’re using to tackle the ARE.