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Project Management

Pass PjM with NCARB-approved test prep

Get Ready To Crush Project Management

The first ARE® 5.0 Project Management (PjM) study materials with the NCARB stamp of approval. Prep with Video Lectures, Practice Exams, Digital Flashcards and Practical Application Videos. Prepare on your own schedule, or with your peers in one of our Virtual Workshops. All materials are designed by ARE veterans and built in alignment with NCARB’s exam objectives.


About Project Management

The Project Management (PjM) exam focuses on successfully executing architectural projects. The PjM division covers how to assemble project teams, effective communication amongst the team, and developing and maintaining a project work plan to keep the project on schedule. You’ll learn all about AIA contracts, and which ones to use for particular situations. Here’s how NCARB structures the PjM exam:

  • Resource Management

    5-10 expected items, 7-13% target percentage

    • Determining criteria required to assemble team
    • Assessing criteria required to allocate and manage project resources
  • Contracts

    19-23 expected items, 25-31% target percentage

    • Analyzing and determine response for client services requests
    • Analyzing applicability of contract types and delivery methods
    • Determining potential risk, reward, and impact of a project
  • Project Quality Control

    14-19 expected items, 19-25% target percentage

    • Applying procedures required for adherence to laws and regulations relating to the project
    • Identifying steps in maintaining project quality control, and reducing risks and liabilities
    • Performing quality control reviews of project documentation throughout life of project
    • Evaluating management of the design process to maintain integrity of design objective
  • Project Work Planning

    13-17 expected items, 17-23% target percentage

    • Developing and maintain project work plan
    • Determining criteria required to develop and maintain project schedule
    • Determining appropriate communication to project team—owner, contractor, consultants and internal staff
  • Project Execution

    13-17 expected items, 17-23% target percentage

    • Evaluating compliance with construction budget
    • Evaluating and address changes in scope of work and scope creep
    • Evaluating project documentation to ensure it supports the specified delivery method
    • Identifying and conform with the requirements set forth by authorities having jurisdiction in order to obtain approvals for the project

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ARE® Overall Practice Management (PcM) Project Management (PjM) Programming & Analysis (P&A) Project Planning & Design (PP&D) Project Dev. & Documenation (PD&D) Construction & Evaluation (C&E) Pass Rate Black Spectacles National Avg. 75% 54%

Our members report passing PjM at a % higher rate than the NCARB-published national average.*

ARE Live

Chosen by ArchDaily as one of the best podcasts for architects, ARE Live is where you come for help with passing the ARE. Featuring discussions and exercises including ARE division topics and NCARB objectives led by distinguished architects and industry experts, ARE Live comes to you monthly, and it’s on the house.