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NCARB approved test prep materials

all six

PcM, PjM, P&A, PP&D, PD&D, C&E

Black Spectacles is the first and only NCARB approved online test prep provider for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. Feel confident going into exam day after studying with our NCARB-aligned materials for every division of the ARE. Our versatile resources accommodate every learning style and are available for you to study whenever and wherever you want.

  • video lectures

    video lectures

    Comprehensive lessons with full outlines and explanations of core topics in each division, led by engaging, expert architects and educators. Black Spectacles offers over 120 hours of video lectures, all built in alignment with NCARB's exam objectives.

  • practice exams

    practice exams

    Simulate the actual exam with the same look, functionality, and time constraints as the real deal. We use NCARB’s processes to design our ARE® practice questions, which are developed and vetted by leading learning designers and test question experts. With 3 distinct forms for each division, you’ll see every type of question ahead of exam day.

  • practical applications

    practical applications

    Make the connection between concepts and real world application with practicing architects who explain how to utilize the NCARB objectives on the job.

  • digital flashcards

    digital flashcards

    Memorize relevant content with built-in flashcards that cover key concepts. Each card links to a Video Lecture for further explanation. You can even create your own cards, shuffle the deck, and mark terms as “mastered” to track your progress.

  • virtual workshops

    virtual workshops

    Learn alongside other ARE Candidates in a live streaming classroom setting. Our Virtual Workshops include in-depth exercises followed by a Q&A session with our licensed architect instructors for every division of the ARE.

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Everything should come with a test drive - your study materials included! Get a closer look at our Practice Exams, Video Lectures, Flashcards and Practical Application videos so you're confident we're the ones to help you pass the ARE.

Take their word for it.

The interface is very close to the NCARB Exam interface. We are also visual people, so being visually connected is more helpful to me.

Leo A Daly

Testimonial: Gordon Lee