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Video Lectures

Head back to school, in the best way possible

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    The word “lecture” is such a turnoff, isn’t it? We challenged ourselves to find a way to deliver some hardcore ARE video content, in a way that made it feel like you were being spoken “with”, rather that “to”.

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    And we found it. His name is Mike Newman. A respected architect and teacher, Mike takes the time to sketch things out, to hold your hand through super-detailed material, and even provides downloadable slides so you can easily follow along.

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    He makes learning about office standards, development of project teams, and quality control – interesting, digestible and, dare we say it, fun. Pull up a chair and watch our Video Lectures with any tier of membership - Premium, Pro or Expert.

Mike knows his stuff.

With 20 years of experience working on a variety of commercial and residential projects, Mike Newman knows his stuff. The only thing rivaling his experience is his ability to bridge the gap from what you needed to know in school, to what NCARB needs you to know for the exam. In fact, around here we refer to Mike teaches just the things you need to know, in the way you need to know it.


Take their word for it.

It told me how many videos and the percentage of material i’ve gone through, and then I can actually plan ahead of time how many hours I need to allocate to studying this material or chapter. That was really helpful for me lifestyle wise, and keeping things scheduled.


Testimonial: Melinda Siew

First and only NCARB-approved

Black Spectacles offers the first and only NCARB approved online test prep program for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. Learn more about our ARE Test Prep Materials.


Go For A Spin

Everything should come with a test drive, your ARE test prep included. Get an inside look at your dashboard and test out our Video Lectures, Practice Exams, and Digital Flashcards. We want you to love what you’re using to tackle the ARE.