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Practical Application Videos

Applying the NCARB objectives to the real world

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    Are you asking yourself the same question you’d ask your fifth grade math teacher, “But when will we use this in the real world?” You aren’t alone.

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    We assembled a team of experts with focuses in each division of the ARE to bring you into the office, on site and to the drafting table to showcase exactly how what you’re learning is used on the job.

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    Through this video series you’ll not only benefit from additional explanation of objectives, but you could identify with an area of focus and know what job to look for after you’re licensed.

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    Our Practical Application Videos are included in our Pro and Expert membership, because they’re worth it.

Learn from the Experts

Notable firms take you through award-winning projects across the country where you’ll learn everything from team communication, cost estimates, structural systems and other design challenges. You’ll get an exclusive sneak peek into how some of the most breathtaking designs come to life, from locales in California to Texas and back around to Illinois. When can you get into the brain of architects from the likes of AS + GG, HKS, and other nationally recognized firms?


Take their word for it.

Black Spectacles is different because it features architects and people who are actually working in the field. I think it is a very different process learning from somebody who is in the trenches doing the work, rather than somebody who just sits behind a computer and figures out how to work the software. It is a totally different approach.

SOM and Krueck + Sexton

Testimonial: Brian Deyoung

First and only NCARB-approved

Black Spectacles offers the first and only NCARB approved online test prep program for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. Learn more about our ARE Test Prep Materials.


Go For A Spin

Everything should come with a test drive, your ARE test prep included. Get an inside look at your dashboard and test out our Video Lectures, Practice Exams, and Digital Flashcards. We want you to love what you’re using to tackle the ARE.