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4 Reasons Why Your Firm Should Sponsor ARE Prep

As a principal of your firm, you want your team of architects to build a solid reputation for your firm, which having a team of fully licensed architects can help you achieve. Here are the four reasons why your firm should sponsor the ARE Exam Prep.

As a principal of your firm, you want your team of architects to be top-notch to build a solid reputation for your firm. This means your budding architects are going to need licensure. Having a team of fully licensed architects is something you and the whole firm can be proud of—if you can help make it happen.

Since passing the ARE is a requirement for licensure, our ARE Prep courses and membership offerings should be taken seriously by your non-licensed team members. But why should you be involved? Here are the four reasons why your firm should sponsor the ARE Prep.

1. Create a Desirable Work Environment

An environment that promotes learning is also an environment that focuses on job satisfaction and appreciation. Consider mentorship programs and software training to help take your team’s skills to the next level. Continuous learning can help your employees tackle the evolving tools of the industry. 

By providing your team with the tools they need to pass the ARE, you can increase the motivation of your team and build their loyalty to the firm. Firm loyalty reflects positively on the leadership and the company as a whole. You can feel more confident offering career advancement opportunities to your hardworking staff and in building the legacy of your firm with top-tier architects by your side.  

A Perk for Your Staff Is a Perk for the Firm

Be upfront with the benefits you provide to your team when searching for new talent. You can attract promising new graduates and build your reputation within the industry by advertising that your firm helps team members with the licensure process. Knowing that they will be supported can truly make the new-hire feel welcome and excited to be a part of the team.

 2. Guarantee Higher Pass Rates

Passing the ARE is no easy task. However, Black Spectacles has an interface that is very similar to the NCARB exam interface. This will help your team familiarize themselves with the exam prior to the testing date, so they can focus on passing the ARE, instead of stressing over the test format.

Although getting familiar with the test is important, learning the material is even more so. Not everyone learns the same way, and studies have shown that learning content in different ways can help increase retention. Black Spectacles Exam Prep Membership options can be tailored to your firm’s size and tailored to the preferred learning styles of each individual so they can get the most out of prepping for the ARE 5.0.

 3. Give Your Architecture Firm a Competitive Edge

When it comes to bidding on projects, your firm’s reputation matters. Win clients over by keeping a high licensure rate at your firm, and turning heads by having a high first-time ARE 5.0 pass rate for all team members. 

Supporting your employees on their path to licensure also means easing the financial burden of licensure for your staff—allowing them to focus on the exam and show their true potential. Having more licensed architects on the team means you can take on more projects with prowess and grow your business in leaps and bounds.

4. Save Money in the Long-Run

27 of the top 50 architecture firms in the United States use Black Spectacles as a Test Prep resource for their staff, partly due to the high pass-rates. Since Black Spectacles is the only NCARB-approved online test prep provider for all six divisions of the ARE, you have the opportunity to support your architects in a way that has proven results.

A Firm Membership can save you 60-80% over purchasing multiple individual memberships. Moreover, your team will have access to the best resources out there year-round.

Black Spectacles Memberships include:

With our Firm Membership, you can have simultaneous users. Since people take breaks throughout the year, Black Spectacles allows members to share seats for membership access. A superior pass rate for more of your budding architects means less time wasted on retaking the test, which means they can focus on utilizing their new skills to help the firm grow.

Black Spectacles Is Ready To Help

Black Spectacles has you and your team covered with a number of resources, including free resources the ARE Community has to offer and membership plans tailored to your firm.

Support your staff on their journey to licensure and help them prepare for the ARE. Choose the right plan for your firm today.



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