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ARE 5.0

What is the ARE?

What is the ARE? The ultimate guide to the Architect Registration Exam (ARE®) 5.0 and how to become a licensed architect.

ARE 5.0

4 Reasons Why Your Firm Should Sponsor ARE Prep

As a principal of your firm, you want your team of architects to build a solid reputation for your firm, which having a team of fully licensed...

ARE 5.0

Adult Learning and ARE Prep: 4 Considerations

Whether you’re a new architecture grad who is ready to start your career or a currently employed individual seeking licensure, here's what you need...

ARE 5.0

In What Order Should I Take the ARE 5.0?

What is the best order to take the ARE 5.0 in? Some go in order of length, some in difficulty, and others with their own skill set.

ARE 5.0

The Top 10 Tips for Passing the ARE

A compilation of all of our resources pointing to the most important tips and strategies for passing the ARE, from ARE experts and architects.