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ARE Live

EP 92: ARE Math

ARE Math Mock Exam

What do Practice Management, Project Management, and Construction and Evaluation have in common? Math! In this episode of ARE Live, we give you a preview of our ARE 5.0 study materials and review key objectives around math as it relates to the ARE.

Using a Mock Exam, Virtual Workshop Instructor Hayley Pugh will discuss a handful of questions from PcM, PjM, and CE to guide you through some classic math that you’ll need to master in order to pass the ARE. We’ll cover topics such as firm financials, updating cost of work estimates, and reviewing applications for payment. Our experts also share their top tips for using NCARB's whiteboard and calculator. No matter which division you’re studying for, this episode will help you brush up on your ARE math skills ahead of your next exam. Grab your calculators (or better yet, if you're a Black Spectacles member, open up a Practice Exam to use our replica of what you'll see on the actual exams) and follow along to check your calculations!

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As always, jump over to the ARE Community to see what other testing candidates have been saying about this topic. If you have questions, our experts (or maybe other community members) will have answers!