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ARE Live

EP 90: Site Selection

Site Selection Mock Exam

In this episode of ARE Live, a top podcast for architects, we're bringing you a 3-in-1 Mock Exam! There are topics that span across multiple divisions of the ARE and one of those key concepts is site selection. If you’re studying for Project Planning and Design, Project Development and Documentation, or Programming and Analysis you won’t want to skip this episode, where we revisit five ARE 5.0 Practice Exam questions all about site selection with an expert architect.

We’ll discuss how to locate a building on a site taking topography, zoning regulations, and microclimate into consideration. We’ll also cover environmental impact studies, stormwater runoff, and more. These sample ARE 5.0 Practice Exam questions will help prepare you for PPD, PDD, and PA so that you can go into exam day with confidence in your ability to select a site based on criteria and zoning. Don’t forget to take the Mock Exam ahead of time to follow along and check your answers.

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