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ARE Live

EP 88: Structures Discussion

What’s better than prepping for one division? Prepping for three! Previously, we’ve focused our attention on one division during ARE Live, but as there are multiple objectives that span several divisions, we’re strengthening your ARE acumen by approaching broader objectives and not just divisions.

In this ARE Live, we’re covering structural design which crops up on Project Planning and Design, Project Development and Documentation, and Programming and Analysis. We work with an expert in the field who will share their strategies on how to best understand structures as they appear on the exam and in practical application. Equipping you with the mastery of structures as an objective, it’ll put you further ahead when it comes time to prep for each of these divisions.

Looking to conquer more objectives? Get to all of our ARE 5.0 study materials with one of our memberships, or review previous ARE Lives for any of the six ARE divisions.

Are you looking for a study partner to work on structures with? Head to our ARE Community to find other ARE candidates who can add to your study routine. Psst, we also have experts who can answer any clarifying questions you have about structures specifically or any of the six ARE divisions.